Rahul Karanpuriya is an MBA walkout and former ‘Khoji’ of the Swaraj University in Udaipur, a university dedicated to self-learning and regenerating local cultures, local economies and local ecologies. Born in 1987 in Bhiwara, Rahul lives his life through constant awareness about his actions and their impact on the society and environment.

 Previously, Rahul has been a learning activist at Shikshantar Sansthan where he explored the area of alternative education. As part of the organisation, he organised Udaipur’s first cycle marathon. The success of the campaign for cycling was seen in the participation of over 200 people despite a ‘Zero Budget’.

Rahul’s love for cycling also reflects in a ‘Cycle Yatra’ that he undertook in December 2012 when he completed a journey of 100 kilometres in seven days without any money, gadget, food or medicine. The idea behind the travel was to prove that money is not important for travelling and to go beyond his comfort zone to understand himself. While cycling on the outskirts of Udaipur, Rahul also documented the caste divide that he found strongly embedded in the lives of the people. He later undertook a similar but longer journey, of 1,100 km, and completed it in 28 days.

In 2011, Rahul co-founded Vinayak Enterprises for trading wooden desert coolers in Rajasthan with a seed funding of only Rs. 3,000. The company went on to pocket a profit of nearly Rs. 1,00,000. He also has experience of working as a Junior Purchase Assistance and a Salesman at textile and garment companies. His internships at Banyan Tree Publications, Sarvoday Press Service, Narmada Bachao Andolan and Swapathgami magazine has enhanced his writing and editing skills and given a platform for his poetry and prose. Rahul has also volunteered for a year at Hulchal Café, a weekly gift culture-based cafe where people of different backgrounds connect and share ideas and dreams

 In March 2014, Rahul began work at Jaipur Rugs in the HR’s soft skill training department. In the next nine months that Rahul spent here, he realised that most youth are unhappy with their work and are living a monotonous, working just to earn a living and not to enjoy life. That’s when he understood the importance of new opportunities and alternate careers so that people can do what they want, work passionately and contribute for the good of the planet.

And so, Rahul decided to take on a journey to travel across the length and breadth of the country to understand the problems of the people and find 52 innovators or 52 Parindey who are making a living through alternate careers.