What is 52 Parindey?

52 Parindey is a project dedicated to identifying and documenting the lives of 52 innovators who are making a conscious living for themselves and their planet through alternate careers in Indian towns. Under this project, starting end of November, a fellow, Rahul Karanpuriya, will travel across the country to cover 52 locations and spend a week at each of these locations. During these stays, Rahul will live with the identified innovator, understand his way of life and document it through videos, photographs, and text.

Who is on this journey?

Rahul Karanpuriya is an MBA walkout and former ‘Khoji’ of the Swaraj University in Udaipur, a university dedicated to self-learning and regenerating local cultures, local economies and local ecologies. Born in 1987 in Bhiwara, Rahul lives his life through constant awareness about his actions and their impact on the society and environment. Let us now hear from Rahul why he decided to embark on this year-long journey.

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Sharing the stories of unique individuals and their vocations from across the country

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